9 April 2011

Did Lady Gaga Steal “Born This Way” From South Korean Girl Group?

Maaf Daya tak berapa pandai nak translate kan dalam bahasa melayu so Daya bagi bahasa english jela ..Harap korang faham la news ni :) ..Kalau ade yang tak faham maksud bukak kamus anda ^^

For someone who prides herself on being unique, this is the second time in as many months that Lady Gaga stands accused of being anything but.
Gaga's hit single, "Born This Way," was criticized for sounding strikingly similar to Madonna ("Express Yourself") upon its release earlier this year.
Now it's fans of South Korean girl group SNSD crying foul, claiming "Born This Way" is SO similar to their hit "Be Happy" that it may be plagiarism ...

Lady Gaga vs SNSD

Thoughts? Is there anything to it? It’s worth noting that the first wave of controversy basically died when Madonna said she supports Gaga’s hit.
The track, from SNSD’s album Oh!, came out in early 2010. Some pop songs will sound similar. It’s inevitable. Plagiarism is a different matter.
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